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Hair loss is an issue that countless numbers of men and women struggle with throughout their lives. It can be frustrating and embarrassing to watch your hairline recede or find parts of your hair thinning. Hair replacement solutions can often be intensive, invasive, and are often ineffective. That’s why Hairskeen’s natural, non-surgical, and innovative hair replacement program is something that your salon clientele will love.

Do Your Research

Don’t just take our word for the fact that Hairskeen shows amazing results for clients – look into it. There are countless stories of unparalleled success for those suffering from hair loss. We want you to feel confident and secure in your knowledge of the service so that you can speak honestly about the procedure with your clientele. The best practical approach to this can be found by getting hands on with it at our Hairskeen Hair Academy.

Register for the Hairskeen Hair Academy

Our Hairskeen Certification course is the best way to make sure that you can give your clients the best solution for their hair loss issues. You’ll learn how to apply the solution, how to style the hair, what you should charge for the program, and how to approach your clients when discussing hair loss and its solutions. Register here, and even bring along a client so that they can receive treatment under the supervision of professional Hairskeen trainers.

Educate Your Clients

The most important thing you can do when introducing Hairskeen into your salon is to get the word out to your client base. They need to know about the product before they’re likely to purchase and you are the first contact point for their education. You likely already know the ins and outs of the brand, so show that knowledge off and get your customers on board!

Show Off Your Success

Once you see how effective and life-changing our hair replacement solution can be, you’re going to want to tell the world all about it. Get pictures with your clients to post on social media or around your salon so that your customers can see the results and not just hear about it. There is no doubt they’ll want to talk about it!

We want you to be able to offer the most cutting-edge, discreet, and overall effective hair loss solutions to your customers. They deserve to feel good about their hair and you deserve to feel confident in providing this innovative option for them. So, learn more about us and get in contact with any of your questions. You’re going to want to know more about the new era of hair loss solutions.