The Hairskeen network of professionals was created by Cosmecare, the European leader in hair replacement, under the artistic direction of Raphael Perrier, International Hairdresser, and four time World Champion of Hairstyling. The Hairskeen network offers a unique range of hair integrations, combining the latest technology with High-performance materials giving your clients a natural aesthetic look, as well as giving you the ability to respond to all types of hair loss for your clients. Being a part of Hairskeen’s network of professionals, you will have access to a collection of strong imaging with powerful marketing concepts, as well as access to marketing and lead management tools.  Hairskeen is supporting you with the tools you will need for success.

As a member of the Hairskeen network of professionals will benefit from regular technical and artistic training, Including the latest trends in hairstyling, giving you the education you will need to meet today’s discriminating clients. The Hairskeen network aims to educate, this generation that hair loss is not inevitable and that an advanced solution exists! Take advantage of the Hairskeen’s network of professionals to develop your business.