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    Introducing Hairskeen Into Your Salon

    Hair loss is an issue that countless numbers of men and women struggle with throughout their lives. It can be frustrating and embarrassing to watch your hairline recede or find parts of your hair thinning. Hair replacement solutions can often be intensive, invasive, and are often ineffective. That Read More

  2. Summer 2021 Hair Care Guide

    Most men may practice a very laid-back approach when it comes to building a hair care routine that protects and nourishes their hair. The seasons, however, bring along different challenges that men should be somewhat prepared for. From UV rays to high humidity, your hair will have a lot to contend w…Read More

  3. Baldness Cures Found Throughout History – Part 2

    Welcome back to the Hairskeen blog! In our last post, we took a stroll through history to look at some of the most bizarre “cures” for baldness. In our last post, we explored the Egyptians’ practice for concoction brewing, Hippocrates medical findings, Julius Caesar’s comb-over, and more. Me…Read More